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Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated his appeal to citizens for buying 'Made in India' products and said that if people buy local products and become 'vocal to local' then they are playing a role in strengthening the country.

Most Indians buying online are more interested in price, delivery date, ratings, and reviews, than the ‘country of origin’ information about the products they are looking to purchase, according to a survey asking consumers “what all information do they generally look at when buying a product from an ecommerce platform”.

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Country of Origin

An overwhelming 83 percent of those who participated in the survey said they look for ratings and reviews when buying online through ecommerce platforms, while 82 percent said they look for price and delivery date. Only 37 percent said they look for the ‘country of origin’.

Best Indian Products

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Made in India Products

BE INDIAN BUY INDIAN: Given below is a list of companies and products we use in our daily life.
We should use the products/companies which are swadeshi instead of foreign companies.

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